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FAQ - VA 22-1999

What is the purpose of VA 22-1999?
As a condition to being granted the authority to issue a license, the Department of Veterans Affairs created a process called the “Standard License Application Process in Support of Veterans” (SLAVES, or the “VAST”). As the title indicates, the SLAP provides a process through which a veteran can apply for a service-connected license to carry a concealed firearm. Is the SLAP the same or different from the NICE system? The NICE program requires a veteran to complete an application (NICE), pay a fee, and undergo a criminal reference check. The SLAP does not impose a fee or background check and only requires a medical or mental health examination. Once the veteran submits the SLAP, the Department of Defense will have immediate access to this information to determine a veteran's eligibility to be allowed to carry or otherwise carry a concealed firearm (or other licensed firearm) in the Armed Forces or any other applicable federal, state, or local government. I've read and understand the standard License Application Process in Support of Veterans, VAST/SLAP. Is there anything I need to do before I apply? Yes, after you complete your SLAP application, you will be required to provide a copy of a current (not expired and not suspended) Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as well as a copy of a current Social Security Card and/or Driver License. Do I have to notify the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICE) if I receive a notice of denial? No, we will notify the FBI of your denial via email if, based on the Department of Justice's rules, you will otherwise be prohibited from possessing or legally possessing a firearm based on any criminal history record check. Do I need to contact the VA to change any information in my application? No, the information you enter will be used only for the actual evaluation of your application (the actual rating of your application). This application is not a legal document, but you must refer to it as such. You are not required to contact your local VA center to apply for a “standard license application”. Which state will handle the processing of my application? The state to which you submit your application is what will handle the actual processing of your NICE record as it relates to the Department of Defense.
Who should complete VA 22-1999?
To begin the answer, we need to understand the purpose of the VA 22-1999 exam. The purpose of the VA 22-1999 exam is to provide Veterans with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete their Vista deployment, including the ability to manage both mental and physical health in the heat of battle. The exam is also aimed at improving the Veterans' communication skills, by improving their proficiency in writing, speaking, listening, reading, and viewing. How the VA 22-1999 Exam was Delivered The VA 22-1999 exam will be administered online via the website. The virtual Vista training simulator (VISTAS) that will be used to test your knowledge of the physical and mental aspects of being deployed, as well as your communication skills. The virtual VISTAS will have many options for testing purposes, including two different levels of difficulty, two different testing sites, and three different test dates. Once your test session begins, you will immediately be connected to an IT supported Vista Virtual Training Site (VISTAS). There will be a Vista Team Leader that will be able to answer all of your questions. During the course of your test you will be evaluated on your ability to: Demonstrate good written, oral, and communication skills; Understand the VA 22-1999 exam objectives; Understand the role of the testing coordinator; Perform a Vista deployment; and Answer questions submitted by the exam test takers. Your performance will be monitored throughout the test session, using the Vista Team Leader to provide feedback on your performance. The virtual VISTAS will provide feedback regarding your performance, based on your answers, which would include: Completion rate; Completion percentage; Number of correct questions answered; and Failure percentage. You are responsible for taking care of all your online and off site activity during the testing session. You may have to log in to your account (if you haven't already done so). Furthermore, you can also access your test sessions from any compatible mobile, tablet, or PC that you have available that has a browser or mobile app. How to Improve Your Test Scores Your exam will consist of two distinct and overlapping testing events. The first event is where you will have to respond to questions that you've already seen from other participants in the training simulator.
When do I need to complete VA 22-1999?
Do we need to complete the document by the time you are ready to present yourself for an initial VA examination? No. You can use this online form to complete the application in advance of your exam date. Do I have to take the document for my exam? If you wish to make an appointment for your document exam, you must complete and submit VA Form 22-1999 by the time you are ready to present yourself for your initial VA examination. Can I submit the form for my initial exam? Yes. To submit it for your initial certification, you must have an appointment scheduled. Can I submit the form with insurance papers? No. You must submit a copy of the completed paperwork to the VA for each test. Can I use my own documentation? You must show the certification document in the official possession of the person providing the certification. This includes a DMV or Federal Government-issued photo ID or another type of official identification that shows your name and current full or part-time address. For example, if you are applying for an examination, an official identification may be a valid passport, driver's license, U.S. military ID, or other approved document. Can I mail or deliver a copy of the form to my doctor for my certification? No. You must provide a copy. Can I have somebody help me fill out the form? Yes. You must have someone else fill out the form for you. It is very important that the person filling out the form uses his best efforts to accurately complete the information. Can I submit an extra copy of the form once I have completed it? No. Only one document copy of the form is required by law, not two, even if you have completed a few pages. When do I have to send the form? The VA will send the form for your initial examination no later than one month after you submit it. The delivery date is at your own risk, and you must provide a return address on the form for receipt by the VA. (Note: This means you can send the letter back to the VA, but you can only use the form to send them your exam date.) How long does the waiting period before my certification expires? Your certification expires within the first 30 days of the exam date.
Can I create my own VA 22-1999?
You can get a copy of the original VA 22-1999 on CD at VA's store in New Jersey City, NJ (). They sell used VA 22-1999 copies, so I suggest you buy a used copy if you are just looking to have an original copy! For more information on the original VA 22-1999, or where you can get copies or for buying new versions, check out the original announcement posting at I also published an article in the October 2000 issue of the USA Pilot magazine: For a list of the original VA 22, see the VF-22 Owners' Manuals: VF-22/F-22 History and Background “In the early 1970s the United States Air Force decided to purchase a stealth-class aircraft that could perform a wide variety of missions that would help keep the country secure. In April 1976, the first Block 50 Bigger was delivered to the Pentagon. With this initial contract awarded, the program had no requirement to make any significant design changes. All the major components, including the F-22A Raptor engines and other components, were fully developed and under contract by the Department of Defense. At this time, the F-22A aircraft was the world's fastest-going fixed-wing stealth fighter and was expected to be ready for combat in 1997. It would fly Mach 1.5 to 1.8 and carry 2200lbs of weapons. It could climb Mach 0.95, accelerate to 500mph in about 20 seconds and had a top speed of 550mph. Furthermore, it was almost 20 feet shorter than earlier designs, however, it weighed 4500lbs less. F-22A was designed in accordance with “Aerodynamic Flight” theory. Aerodynamic control is essential to low speed handling, maneuverability and survivability. “AERONAUTICS REVIEW PROCEDURES” states that, “For optimal aerodynamics, all the components of the aircraft need to be designed, manufactured, and tested to be as lightweight and as rigid as possible by all the major suppliers to Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman.
What should I do with VA 22-1999 when it’s complete?
The VA 22-1999 must be shipped to a licensed firearms' dealer (FFL). The dealer must complete the VA 22-1999 and forward it to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) for record keeping. The ATF, in turn, must forward the completed VA 22-1999, along with the original shipping label, to the manufacturer of the firearm for approval and a certification of nonreciprocity. Once the manufacturer has received the certification, the manufacturer may legally ship the new firearm to a licensed FFL for the purchaser's state record as long as the firearm is not modified in any manner. Who are the manufacturers responsible when the firearm is shipped to an FFL? The manufacturer(s) are responsible for compliance with any applicable law, including the Gun Control Act of 1968 and its implementing regulations, as well as applicable state and local laws. They may not ship the firearm to an FFL who has not received a certification of nonreciprocity from the manufacturer. Who is the manufacturer of the gun that I need to transfer? The manufacturer can be anyone that manufactured the firearm(s) for the United States government or the owner. Where can I find other information related to VA 22-1999? For more information, see the following: VA 22-1999 Other Links The Firearms Advisory Section has provided answers to many questions you may have about the Firearm Import and Transfer of Certain Civilian Firearms and Ammunition Regulations. You can also find answers to other firearm questions on our web pages at. This information provides only general information. It is intended to assist you in finding the laws that apply to your situation.
How do I get my VA 22-1999?
In most cases, you will be given the choice to either: Receive your VA 22-1999 from another veteran Order your VA 22-1999 online from the Veterans Independence Administration website Veterans have the final decision on whether to receive a 22-1999 and how to receive it.
What documents do I need to attach to my VA 22-1999?
Under the law, the documentation in your application must match the information in the VA database. Once you do, most applications are completed to completion within one business day. VA 22-1999 (View Sample Application) Important information about the form is included below. To be eligible for a new or existing service-connected disability rating on the basis of a service-connected mental, neurological, or nervous disorder, you must complete a medical assessment of your current service-connected condition, and receive VA recognition of that condition. You will still be able to apply for a new rating, if it has not already been assigned, but only if you receive VA certification of the condition(s) to which you have been referred. The documentation in your application must do the following: Describe your history of service- connected mental, neurological, or nervous disorder Describe your symptoms Describe the effect of your current service-connected condition on your ability to perform routine personal care, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming This documentation must be consistent with what the VA uses to rate you. For example, a recommendation that you be rated for the current rating is one that has been used by the VA. The documentation must be submitted electronically and include your signature. If you do not meet the requirements above with any of your service-connected disabilities as of the date you submit your application, you may not be able to proceed to VA 22-1999. If you currently have any mental, neurological, or nervous condition, you can apply for a new rating at any time, provided you meet the eligibility requirements outlined above. NOTE: To be approved under 22-1999, please submit the completed application. The form is also available at. Your application must be complete and accurate for processing under this program. The VA may deny your application if you fail to submit your application to VA 22-1999 within four months of your disability date. VA 22-1999 also requires this information to be completed directly into the electronic form. It is recommended that you save the form for your records. If you print the form for yourself, please mark the appropriate boxes in the form for your records. We cannot transfer or deliver your completed application electronically because this would duplicate the information that is requested on the form and may not be permitted to be received by VA 22-1999. There must be a space for your signature.
What are the different types of VA 22-1999?
VA 22-1999 will also be issued by the U.S. Government as part of the Veterans Choice Program for those VA benefits that may be qualified for in conjunction with health insurance. For information on the eligibility requirements check out Our Understanding of the Choice Program. What types of veterans can receive VA benefits with VA 22-1999 benefits? VA 22-1999 benefits can be awarded to: Disabled veterans. Former POW's. Veterans who are permanently and completely disabled. Veterans whose dependents are veterans. Veteran Survivors of Active Duty Serving on Active Duty VA health care benefits for disabled veterans who were a member of the Armed Forces on active duty may be awarded to the disabled veteran even if the dependent of the disabled veteran is a spouse. The veteran who applied to VA for this benefit should contact our Office of Disability and Education Benefits at or click here for more information. Veterans who are permanently disabled may qualify A disabled veteran may apply for a benefits package that includes 22-1999 benefits. This is true of any dependent who has been determined to be eligible for an immediate disability compensation award. To qualify for this award, the dependent must either: Seek disability compensation Have not received a disability compensation award within the last 4 years The dependent will need a DD form 1093 or 1094 for the disability compensation. The disability compensation will be approved by your county Veterans Affairs office. The application for this benefit must be filed within 5 working days of the veteran's death. If you want to claim this benefit please contact the Office of Disability and Education Benefits at or click here for more information. How do I apply for a VA 22-1999 benefits package? You must contact your county Veterans Affairs office. You can obtain the list of offices by clicking here. In order to apply for the VA 22-1999 benefits check your eligibility. The information may be available at your county Veteran Benefits office. You can apply through Direct Access to VA website. What if my dependent is already receiving VA benefits through other sources? Your veteran's state government may provide VA benefits for disabled, blind, and orphaned dependents of disabled veterans. Check with your local department of state government.
How many people fill out VA 22-1999 each year?
In 2016, just over one-third (34.9%) of workers filled out a VAC 21-1999. At the other end of the spectrum, just over two-thirds (67.5%) of workers were able to complete a VAC 22-1999. Why did you choose to fill out Form 22-199 in 2016? Among the reasons for completing an application in 2016 are: I didn't find the information I needed in my job description I'd like to apply for a different job or raise my pay I had more time left on my appointment history I found out the wait was going to be longer because my name was pulled from the roster I'm the first to speak in the meeting. What do you think about filling out Form 22-199 when you complete your job application? View the 2016 Work-life Balance Survey. Note: Questions about your employment status (work-life balance) are considered sensitive in the Federal Government. If you were a federal government contractor, your questions will be taken from Form 22-199. For additional questions that should be asked when completing your form, please contact your Human Resource/Performance Management Division.
Is there a due date for VA 22-1999?
When is the deadline to submit the VCP/DVC? A. No due date yet. We are working to finalize and release these forms as quickly as possible. Your Veteran ID number must have the completed form completed and sealed by your doctor no later than December 3, 2013. If your service-connected disability claim requires more than one date, the VCP/DVC will determine how many claims to add and the date that each claim is due. How much do I have to pay to amend the VCP/DVC? You must pay the applicable filing fee plus filing fees when you amend the VA's Disability Determination (VCP/DVC) form. As of this writing, the filing fee for a petition to amend or change a petitioned disability finding is 10.00. You may send a check or money order to VA's Office of Claims Processing with an attached memo explaining your request. I am a Veteran claiming service-connected disabilities since March 25, 2013. Will my petition be approved? If I am claiming service-connected disabilities under a VA pension, will I receive my VA pension? No. This is due to a rule change which requires only that a veteran be eligible for the amount of compensation payable on a veterans pension, not the full pension amount. I had a VA Service-Connected disability rating since April 17, 2002, but I was discharged after March 3, 2008 (I have since reapplied for a disability rating for disability since April 17, 2012). My petition to amend the VCP/DVC to reflect my discharged disability rating is due October 10, 2013. How much will this add to the cost of my filing? The VA will charge a filing fee to cover the costs of conducting the VA administrative review of your request. When must my petition to amend the VCP/DVC be considered complete? Your petition for VA Disability Determination must be complete by December 3, 2013. If you have not submitted the VCP/DVC by the deadline, your request may not be reviewed. You may submit the VCP/DVC in the months of December, January & February of that year. I filed for and receive a Veteran ID number, but my service-connected disability claim is being submitted to the VA for review.
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