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Is there a way to write a bot to see if there are changes on a webpage, fill out a form on the website and submit it?
Yes, there is.But the question really should be: why do you want to do this?If you're looking to buy tickets to comiccon or some similar event that sells out quickly, you'll only be making things harder on yourself and others by constantly pinging the page to check for freshness.It might even get your IP banned from whatever site you're looking at. So please do not do this.EDIT (2016-02-04): Details were added that state the OP wants to check once a day.My answer remains the same: yes, it is definitely possible. It's actually quite simple. I would still be hesitant to do such a thing, or to share information about how to do it specifically. The world doesn't need any more script kiddies writing form-filling bots.
How do I store form values to a JSON file after filling the HTML form and submitting it using Node.js?
//on submit you can do like this //You can do this on both client and server side //If you want to read from fields and put into JSON object var field1 = $('.field1_classname').val , var field2 = $('.field2_classname').val , //If you have value directly then directly put the value like this var field3 = 'some Value', var field4 = 'some value', var data = { field1:field1, field2: field2, field3: field3, field4: field4 } //Now you have everything in JSON object 'data' and post data object to server. //On server side u can acces values like var field1 = req.param('field1',null), console.log('field1 is '+field1)
Is it possible, and how to fill and submit a Google Form with a python script?
Yes, this follows in the vein of what you would do in Node.js to fulfill a similar role with Phantom.js. Instead, Python offers Selenium which can use phantom.js as a driver. It starts a headless browser instance that can be programmed to interact with web pages that have a high degree of non-static elements. Google forms being notoriously tied down to JavaScript, would often require either some strenuous decomposition of their API or ajax callbacks. Inthis manner, you can interact with the form much like as if you were sitting directly in front of the browser.
I made an excellent contact form. How do I make it (using HTML and CSS), that when someone hits "submit", the filled out form gets emailed to me?
As the others explained, you can’t do it with just HTML and CSS. You need some sort of script to collect the message contents and submit the email.The language you use depends on what you know and the type of server you use for hosting. PHP would be a common option on a Linux server. If you use PHP you would want to obtain a script from a trusted source. It is easy to create security vulnerabilities on your site if there are problems with the script. You also need to make sure you set it up in such a way that you don’t accidentally create an Open mail relay.If you aren’t familiar with PHP (or an alternative language) I would recommend using an external service that will let you embed the form on your site. The Online Form Builder is one such service.Alternatively if you use a CMS such as WordPress there are many plugins available to prthis sort of functionality. I use Formidable Forms
How can I fill, submit & and get a result from a form located in another website using PHP (without actually visiting the website)?
Using cURL you can post data to the URL that matches the form “action” attribute. In the case where JavaScript posts the data via Ajax, you would need to either read the JavaScript to see where it posts, or test the form with the web developer tools console open, to see where it posts. cURL will return the headers and/or body of the response depending on which options you turn on.FYI, you can normally find existing answers for PHP questions on the Stack Overflow website.
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